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How to Change Your Email in Rush


This article will guide store owners on how to change their email address in Rush. The email in your Rush account is used to verify ownership, as well you receive your shipment exports and information regarding important Rush updates.

Disclaimer - if you have multiple stores with us, note that is best to log in from https//app.rush.app/v/login

  1. Login to Rush App;
  2. Click on your username and from the menu choose Manage Account
  3. From the new window click on Change email
  4. Add the email you want to use and click on Change email
  5. Rush will sent you a 6 digits code to validate your account:
  6. Enter the code and click on the Verify button
  7. A confirmation message will pop up that your email has been updated


That's it!  You are good now and you will use the new email for Shipment exports and important information regarding the Rush app.

Note: We keep your session open for 30 days, so keeping the application in https://app.rush.app - will give you more space to look and browser + the ability to use new tabs - something not available with embedded Shopify App Experience.

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