How to change tracking page permalink

How to change tracking page permalink Just follow these steps to update your tracking page url Slav

By default, we set your tracking page under


NOTE: We don't recommend changing it, but if that's your preference, he's how to do it right.


  1. Update Rush app proxy;

  2. Update Rush app permlink;

Step 1 - Update Proxy

1. Go to the Apps page, and click on "About" near Rush app.

2. On the next page click on "Customize URL"

A popup will appear with 4 options, that Shopify is providing by default for different types of pages.

  1. Choose your string

  2. Name your new updated permalink

Finally, click "Save"

Step 2 - Update Permalink

Now we need to go inside the Apps' Settings and update the permalink to match with the new updated one that you set up for your Shopify store.

It is an important step that will make sure the Custom Tracking Page will work properly and it is aware that you set a different link for it.

1. Now, go to Rush Settings and click "Configure"

2. On the next screen click "Select possible URL" - this is the newly updated string. And finally, type in again your new updated permalink.

In this demo case "new-permalink-here"

That's it. You updated your Custom Tracking Page URL successfully.

Note: If we do not detect in the new link, that it is opening the Rush Tracking page, it will automatically roll back to defaults.

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