Hide and Replace Country of Origin from Shipments

Modification in the Blacklisting section will apply everywhere you display shipment information: Rush Application, Tracking Pages, Notifications.

The only way to see what is the original data is either to remove all blacklisting options or open the carrier link and see the messages.


This article will focus on hiding and replacing source locations such as country of origin for a package as a dropshipper. For instance, China is most likely the country of origin for dropshippers. However, if an order originates from a location far off the customer site, customers tend to worry about it. In such a case, Rush has got its clients covered by letting them change the location name based on their preference.

Step-by-step guide

To hide the country or region, the step-by-step guide has been divided into two sections:

  • Hide country or region
  • Search and replace words

Hide country or region

To replace the origin country with a location of your choice, follow these steps:

  1. Select Apps from the navigation sidebar on the left.
  2. From the list of installed apps, select the Rush app.

  3. Select the Shipments from the navigation sidebar on the left and then select Blacklisting.

  4. In the field Country or region to be replaced, select the country name(s) or region to be replaced in the tracking page. For example, China is selected in the example above.

  5. Similarly, in the field Search and replace with country or region, select the country to be replaced with. For example, China will be replaced with Paris, France in the image above.


There is also an option to blacklist a whole region. For example, if you select Asia, all countries located in Asia will be replaced with the selected country.


To better understand how this change will reflect across the application, here’s an example. Let’s say that the country of origin is China and it needs to be replaced by some other country like France. It will be visualized on your tracking page as such:

After selecting a country or region to be replaced, the software will automatically mask all the cities of the masked country with the provided location or all the countries belonging to the region to be masked, with a location of your choice. You don’t need to add them separately.

For instance, if the client has masked China and replaced it with Paris and there’s tracking information that has Shenzhen (a city in China) in it, Rush will automatically detect that Shenzhen is in China and will replace it with Paris. The same will apply to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and any other city within China.


Rush has information of all cities and villages located per country. If you choose to replace a country with destinations, not only the country name will be replaced, but also all cities of the country with the selected destination city.

Search and replace words

Moving on to the next section of this step-by-step guide, the following are the steps on how to replace carriers’ names as preferred:

  1. In the Blacklisting section, click on Add new line located to the right of SEARCH AND REPLACE WORDS.

  2. A popup will appear. In the Find field, specify the name of the carrier or any word that you want to change. For example, YunExpress.
  3. In the Replace field, specify the word you want to appear as a replacement.

    Example 1
    Type Carrier as in the screenshot above. This will change the name of YunExpress to Carrier so whenever someone searches for YunExpress, they will see Carrier instead.

    Example 2
    Let’s add another line to replace the phrase front door with home address.

    When you refresh the tracking page, your changes will be visible:


For more information on how to find and replace text using RegEx, refer to the following articles:


Refresh the tracking page to view the changes.