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Getting your installation started

Getting your installation started Guideline on how to setup Rush 

We offer some guiding points to help our clients set up their installations so everything is running smooth.

There is a few things you might want to take a look to begin with:

  • For starters, go to your shipments section and check if your carriers are synced properly. If by any chance some of the shipments are mapped incorrectly, they can be manually mapped with rules which will continue to map new shipments without any issues


    More on how to set the carrier rules you can read in this Article. If you get stuck in any of the steps don't hesitate to contact our support team and they can assist you as soon as possible.



  • The next step is to check your Tracking Page Configuration section.

    There you can choose your theme layout from one of the prebuilt presets we have or choose the "Do It Yourself" layout which gives you free access to the code and you can edit it freely. More on how to use the DIY layout can be found in this Article

    We also have the Drag & Drop tracking page builder (OS2) which you can create and customize that fits your brand and style. Refer here: Article


  • The other items that can be customized trough the Tracking Page Configuration section are

    • Your store brand information

    • Which details can your customers track their shipments with

    • Which carrier information you want to be displayed

    • Blacklisting locations if you want or need to do it

    • Choosing a product review app if you use any

  • The last step would be to set up where you want the tracking links to take your customers. They can either always forward to the Rush tracking page, or they can forward your customers to the carrier's website.


    More on how to set your tracking information can be found in this Article

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