Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Gabriel Stankov

Q: Can I remove the Rush Branding logo
A: Just text us and we will do it for you, also add what you like about the app what you do not.

Q: What styles tracking page do you offer:

A: We do offer three styles for now: Modern, Traditional and Do It Yourself

Q: Which carriers do you support:

A: A list of carriers can be found HERE, if the carrier is not in that list get in touch with us so we can check if we can set it up for you.

Q: What apps are you integrated with:
A: A full list can be found HERE

Q: Is the Rush app integrated with Klaviyo/Omnisend?

A: Yes it is! If you want us to build custom flows for you, just fill this form (Growth 500 and above clients only)

Q: Can I modify my Rush tracking page by myself?
A: Yes, just follow the tutorial here.

Q: The Rush app is not recognizing properly the carriers I am using, what should I do?

A: A single tracking number, can be issued from at least 10 different carriers. Specific rules can be applied in order to have instantly recognize the carriers. More information in this ARTICLE

Q: Does Rush integrate with Shopify native Checkout?

A: Rush is not dependent on the type of Shopify Checkout. Whether you use Native Shopify Checkout or a 3rd party application, Rush will sync all your Tracking Numbers within your Shopify Orders.

Q: When will I get billed?
A: We're natively integrated with Shopify Billing, meaning that your Rush cost will be part of your Shopify Invoice at the end of your monthly billing cycle. You're paying to Shopify directly.

Q: What if I go over my plans' monthly tracking quota?

A: If you exceed your monthly quota, extra tracking charges will be applied, but Rush will never over-charge. You can upgrade or simply increase Your Cap Amount.

Q: Which fulfillment apps do you integrate with?
A: Regardless of your Fulfillment warehouse or software e.g. ShipStation, Oberlo, CJDropshipping, Printful, CustomCat, or any other Print on Demand provider, Fulfillman, EboxMan, PandaFulfill, SourcinBOX, etc., Rush will sync all your Tracking Numbers within your Shopify Orders.

Q: I'm using ePacket, China EMS, and AliExpres. Will Rush work?
A: Rush has a feature called carrier mapping which is for drop shipping fulfillment apps such as Dropify, Oberlo, ePacket, and AliExpress. Rush will automatically recognize the shipping carrier based on the tracking numbers for all orders.

Q: Does Rush supports Review requests through Klaviyo
A: Yes, in fact using Rush in a combination with e.g. Stamped, Yotpo,, LOOX, Okendo, or any other app that's integrated with Klaviyo can take advantage of Rush's events like Delivered (At Mailbox, Parcel Locker, Front Door, and many more) Learn more HERE

Q: Does Rush shows Chinese text, symbols when using shipping carriers from China?
A: No, Rush will hide/strip all possible Chinese symbols or content, which will provide a great customer experience.

Q: Can I hide the Origin Country (location)?
A: Yes, we hear you and that's why we implemented this handy feature within Rush. You will find it under the Rush App -> Settings -> Tracking page configuration once you install the app. Read more in this ARTICLE

Q: Does Rush sync past orders data?

A: Yes, the moment you install and activate Rush, our software will start syncing all your Orders Tracking Information for the past 7 days. The best thing is that the sync comes FREE of charge. We want you to start processing and notifying your current customers immediately.

*Take note that manually syncing more than 7 days is not free and will go towards your current shipments quota.

Q: What are the Price Plans for Rush?
A: You can find our pricing plans here.

Q: Do you offer enterprise solutions?
A: Yes, all merchants processing more than 5,000 shipments per month, please contact us for special plans and discounts.

Q: Is the Rush Custom Tracking page set up on a Sub-domain?
A: No, it's not, in fact, it is a Sub-page on your Shopify store and the permalink URL is fully editable based on your preferences. It is a White Label page that matches your brand, not ours.

Q: Does Rush support LTL carriers tracking?

A: Yes, we support a number of LTL carrier, full list can be found here.

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