How to set it up on your custom tracking page?

FAQ - How to set it up on your custom tracking page? Provide information upfront to lower your customer support Slav

You can significantly decrease the number of questions you get from your customers by setting a section for frequently asked questions.

To answer all their shipment questions, we create a special menu on the tracking page so they can see and engage in them.

To configure the FAQ on your tracking page please go to Apps -> Rush – Ship, Track, Notify -> Settings ->Tracking Page Configuration -> Click Configure

Then scroll down to FAQ and click the Enable/Disable button

After you enable the FAQ section you have two options on how to set it up on your custom tracking page :

Link to another page – Links and redirects the customer to a page where your FAQ are kept. That is the link you’ve entered in the “Link to another page” field.

Custom content - Setup your own Questions and answers which will be directly visible as a FAQ section on the tracking page (as shown below):

When you're ready and you've filled all the important FAQs, they will show up on your Custom Tracking Page in a similar fashion (either in LIGHT or DARK mode) as shown below:

Check out this video for further info on how to set up the FAQ menu on your tracking page.

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