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The focus of this article is to explore the various information available for each shipment / order. Rush provides a high level of visibility to the store owners with this feature inside the Shipments section. It helps when the brand owners are looking for a specific order and need to view shipping information related to it.

Step-by-step guide

You can look up any order based on your choice to see more information about it. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select Apps from the navigation sidebar on the left.
  2. From the list of installed apps, select the Rush app.
  3. Click on Shipments from the left navigation sidebar.

    Here you can see all the shipments / orders.
  4. Click on the shipment that you want more information about. A detailed view of that order will appear on the screen as shown in the screenshot below:

Order information

Each section of this page provides unique information to the store owners. We will explore each component of this page in this section. 

There are different components of order details as can be seen in the image above, some of the main ones include:

Processing phase

This section shows the various processing phases that the order has gone through. It entails information like the order’s shipping status in Pending mode and then changing to In Transit, Out for delivery, and finally to Delivered.


  • Quite often suppliers might take a couple of days before they ship your order out and throughout that period your shipping status will be in Pending mode. That time is not calculated in the real transit time.

  • To learn more about shipment statuses and their respective sub-statuses, refer to the article Shipment Statuses and Sub statuses Explained.

Carrier information

Here you can see what carrier will be picking up your order and delivering it to the assigned last-mile carrier. It has a tracking number to track the order directly through the carrier. For example, in the image below, the carrier is Yanwen and it has a tracking number to follow.

Last mile carrier information

This is the carrier that will be delivering the package to the customer. It also has a tracking number that allows the package to be tracked till it gets delivered.

Tracking page

This is the link to your custom branded tracking page and will directly take you there to see the order on your page.

Shipment information

The following information can be found here:




Delivery status of shipment

Quota mark

Shipment categorization. It could have any of the following status:

  • Pending: We are waiting to process shipment.
  • Free: Falls under current billing plan quota.
  • Paid: Client paid for it with charge usage.
  • Free onboarding: It was processed based on the free 7-days onboarding process.
  • Over quota: Not processed as it is over the current billing plan quota.

Client waiting

The number of days the customer had to wait to receive the order

Last carrier check

The last time the information was fetched from the carrier


Delivery times

The following information can be found here:



Order to Delivery

The number of days from placing the order to finally delivering it

Order to Fulfillment

The number of days from placing the order to fulfilling it

Fulfillment to Delivery

The number of days from fulfilling the order to delivering it

Fulfillment to In Transit

The number of days from fulfilling the order to putting the order in transit

In Transit to Delivery

The number of days from the order being in transit to delivered

Order information

The following information can be found here:



Created at

The date when the shipment was created in the system

Fulfilled at

The date when the shipment was fulfilled in the system


The unique number of the shipment in the system

Total value

The price of the shipment item

Other information

Some other information available on this view includes the shipping address and the contact information for the customer, waiting for the shipment.

Other actions

The following actions can be performed from the top right corner of this page:

  • Refresh: It refreshes the data related to the shipments. This is very similar to refreshing the page, but it's faster.
  • Retrack: It will force the system to get the newest tracking information.
  • Delete: It deletes the shipment details. This action is irreversible.

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