In this article, you are going to learn how to replace your default Shopify “Order Confirmation” email with a beautiful, custom-branded email.

1. Set-Up Blocks and Add Variables

Create a new email template in Klaviyo. Add your menu, footer, any ads, etc., and then add the following variables

2. Export the Template

Click “Edit” on your Order Confirmation Template, then “Export.” This will open the “Export Template HTML” dialogue box. Copy the HTML from the dialogue box.

3. Add to Shopify

If you use Shopify Plus, you can send your Order Confirmation Template directly from Klaviyo. If you have a regular Shopify account, navigate to the Order confirmation notification settings:

Delete the code already in the HTML box. Don’t worry, you can restore it later using the “Revert to Default” button at the bottom of the page. Paste in the code you copied from Klaviyo

4. Preview & Save

Click the “Preview” tab to preview your email. If it looks good to you, save it! You’re all set!

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