You can significantly decrease the number of questions you get from your customers by setting a section for frequently asked questions.

To answer all their shipment questions, we create a special menu on the tracking page so they can see and engage in them.

To configure the FAQ on your tracking page please go to Apps -> Rush – Ship, Track, Notify -> Settings ->Tracking Page Configuration -> Click Configure

Then scroll down to FAQ and click the Enable/Disable button

After you enable the FAQ section you have two options on how to set it up on your custom tracking page :

Link to another page – Links and redirects the customer to a page where your FAQ are kept. That is the link you’ve entered in the “Link to another page” field.

Custom content - Setup your own Questions and answers which will be directly visible as a FAQ section on the tracking page (as shown below):


When you're ready and you've filled all the important FAQs, they will show up on your Custom Tracking Page in a similar fashion (either in LIGHT or DARK mode) as shown below:


Check out this video for further info on how to set up the FAQ menu on your tracking page.

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