In order to start setting up your Email Shipping notifications go to Rush app → Settings → scroll down to Smart Email Notifications and click on "Activate" followed by "Configure":

All email notifications will be sent from this email: [email protected], but if a customer uses reply to it, it will be automatically re-routed to your e-mail that you have set up in the system.

Note: Currently, we do not offer a custom email address, based on your domain.

For each active e-mail notification that you have, you may choose to add an additional e-mail in BCC to send a copy of the e-mail.

You can add:

● one e-mail recipient – e.g. [email protected]

● many e-mails (separated by comma) – e.g. [email protected],[email protected]

● or leave it empty if you don’t need this feature.

Below are the most common e-mail notification types that are pre-set for your convenience and can be activated with a single click:

To activate email, click on enable, or to see get a preview click on Send Test Notification, and enter the email where you want to see it.

What’s next?

Go ahead and add custom emails flows 🙌

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