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Dashboard Reports

Dashboard Reports Slav

Note! For custom reports and insights read: Personal Data Analytics report.

By default on your homepage, you will see a couple of reports that show data based on your shipments and orders.

Shipment performance

Is a report that provides a summary of your all shipments & orders. The goal is to give you a glimpse of your most urgent issues (if any) and help you handle the shipments that may result in a chargeback or not get collected. For this reason for all shipments, a total order value is calculated, for you to see if you need to act or not.

Right Sidebar Summary

Rightsidebase summary shows you an overview of your left quota, plus shipments breakdown

Shipment Quota Usage

Shows your total quota → 38,500 for screenshot cases, and how many are used 23,538. This information is based on current plan billing cycles. You will see that with each new cycle, the quota is restarted and the calculation starts from 0.

Followed by the date select option, which changes the statistics under it. You can select any date range, or use some of the standard options.


Example of how data changes based on different frames selected.

Last 7 days

Last 30 days

Revenue Statistics

Shows currently how many orders were generated based on Rush Post-Purchase sales channels on the store, currently your tracking page, and Smart Email Notifications. Not that we do not show or attribute any revenue now coming from Klaviyo, Omnisend, SMS, PushOwl channels. For a more detailed breakdown of revenue streams click on View Report that will lead you to the Analytics & Performance report.

Delivery Times

Your total average times. For the example above it means:

  • It takes on average 2.9 days from an order created by a customer to get a tracking number into the system.

  • It takes on average 3.2 days from an order created by a customer to get the first message inside the shipment events.

  • It takes on average 6.1 days from an order created by a customer to get the order traveling to him.

  • It takes on average 15.7 days from an order created by a customer to get it in their hands,

The goal of this report is to understand your wait times, and customer experience. As well as be able to measure it and improve it.

Shipments per status

Is a nice report that shows you a breakdown of your shipment statuses for the selected timeframe. Clicking in numbers will show the exact shipments.

Orders per destination

Shows your top 10 delivery destinations, as well as all the rest packed into Other.

With all these reports we want to make sure for you → the store owners are able to see your metrics and help you improve them over time. As we all know,

You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

~ Peter Drucker

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