Configure new email notification

Configure new email notification Customize emails according to different triggers, events & statuses 

As soon as you enabled Smart Email Notifications, you can custom emails based on triggers.

To do so, click on "Add email" to start setting up your first notification flow

Pick a trigger

Before sending an email, you need to pick on which event the email will be sent. Learn more about Smart triggers.

After you pick the trigger, based on its nature it can suggest you pick Statuses or not:

Triggers like New checkpoint, New status, No updates, Possible Delay, allow picking a shipment status. Only when this event happens with shipment is in selected status, the email will be sent.

Shipment Statuses and substances.

To understand more what is the meaning behind Shipment Status, and its substitutes read Shipment Statuses Explained.

Send Email (timing)

Do you want to send the email now? or after 2h? Maybe 5 days after something happens? You can choose "Immediate" will send the email as soon as the event happens, but you can also pick to postpone it a bit. This is quite helpful when you can send information to your customer asking them for review 5 days after the order was delivered.

Examples of what you can set in After field are:

  • 5d - 5 days;

  • 24h - 24 hours

  • 72h - 74 hours or 3 days;

  • 5d 6h - 5 days and 6 hours;

  • 1w - 1 week

If you need help, let us know.

Special case - no updates for some time

You can send emails if there are no updates for some time. The calculation is based on the difference between now and the time of the last checkpoint shipment has. Those events are processed also once per day.

This case is useful when your customer base is impatient and you want to send them follow-ups, every time there is a bigger gap between carrier updates.

Pick a template

Now that you are set you can start with a template. For your ease, we created a couple of templates based on the most popular case you have.

You can Preview the template (we will replace all the shortcodes inside it to show it to you) and after you are set click on Pick. You can change the template at any time by clicking on the Reset to another template button.

What more we need to tell here, you have the subject of Email, it supports shortcodes, so do not be afraid to use it there,

You will see also all the shortcodes inside the email and on your right. Feel free to customize the emails based on your needs and style.

You can also read the description of all shortcodes if you are not sure what is what.

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