Commonly Used Words in Rush and Shopify

Some commonly used terms and words specific to Rush and Shopify are listed below:

[Rush] App

An App is an extension of the Rush system that connects it to another platform. It acts as a special solution that is developed for Shopify marketplace, for example the Rush Shopify App.


A shipment is created after an order has been placed and it has the following tracking information attached to it:

  •   Tracking number
  •   Carrier information
  •   Order details
  •   Delivery address
  •   Customer information


The transportation companies that are responsible for delivering shipments to customers are called carriers. The carriers deliver shipments using following modes of transportation:

  •   By air
  •   By road
  •   By water


Some carrier companies like FedEx and DHL perform the final delivery themselves while others utilize services of last mile carriers for this purpose.

First Mile Carrier

The transportation company that makes the initial delivery of shipments from the warehouse is called the first mile carrier.

Last Mile Carrier

The transportation company that delivers the shipment right to a customer’s doorstep is called last mile carrier. These carriers are supposed to hand over the shipment to the customer. In case a customer fails to receive their shipment, they should contact the last mile carriers instead of the international carriers.

[Order] Fulfillment

Once the order gets a tracking number assigned, it is considered fulfilled. Otherwise it will be considered unfulfilled.

Tracking Page

A tracking page is a web page that lets store customers' monitor the status of their shipment in real time. It includes information regarding the current location of the shipment, delivery date, and estimated time of arrival.

Shipment Notifications

The notifications sent to the customers containing information regarding their shipment status and its contents are called shipment notifications. These notifications can be sent via different communication channels such as SMS, emails and push notifications.


The practice of encouraging or persuading customers to buy products of same category on top of their initial order is called upselling. It is an attempt to make a sale upon a sale, that results in higher Average Order Value (AVG) and increases store revenue.


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