Become an Affiliate

Welcome to the Rush Affiliate Program! If you're passionate about our product and want to earn a bit of extra income, joining our affiliate program is a great opportunity. It's an easy process and we're here to guide you every step of the way. While we don't have a fully automated system for managing affiliate links yet, it's still quite straightforward to get started and earn shared commissions.

The Benefits of Being a Rush Affiliate

  • Earn 20% commission from all payments made by new accounts referred by you.
  • Enjoy lifetime commission benefits.
  • Rest assured knowing your earnings are paid out on a monthly basis.
  • Please note that our affiliate program only works for new accounts, and not for existing customers.

Steps to Becoming a Rush Affiliate

  1. Create your unique affiliate link.


    Your affiliate link will have the following format:{{affiliate-identifier}}&utm_medium={{affiliate-channel}}&utm_campaign={{affiliate-campaign}}

    Here's what each term means:

    • affiliate-identifier: This is a required field. It's your unique affiliate ID, usually your business domain or your name. Always use the same ID and do not change it.
    • affiliate-channel: This is an optional field that represents the affiliate medium.
    • utm_campaign: This is also optional and stands for the specific affiliate campaign.

    For example, if your affiliate-identifier is '', affiliate-channel is 'app', and utm_campaign is 'perks-section', your unique affiliate link would look like this:

    Note: It's best to use lowercase variables without any special characters that could break the variables.

  2. Reach out to us. 


    Once you've created your affiliate link, contact us with your unique link in the comment question. You can safely start distributing this link. We'll then follow up with you regarding the next steps in receiving payment attributed to your affiliate link.

    We're excited for you to join our affiliate community and look forward to supporting you in earning your commissions.