Additional Features in Rush Emails Compared to Shopify Native Shipping Emails


This article will share information about distinct features provided by Rush emails that can be further customized according to your needs. This will benefit you in communicating with your customers via proactive updates and turn a simple email into a chance for upselling and hence act as a revenue-generating channel for your brand.




Rush provides three distinct features for its emails. These features are:

  • Shipment statuses
  • Upsells via email
  • Email editor

Let’s explore these features in detail:

Shipment statuses

Rush offers valuable information to customers about the status of their parcels. While Shopify offers traditional emails with statuses like out for delivery and delivered, Rush sends out distinctive notifications like:

  1. Picked up the order
  2. In transit24.2
  3. Failed attempt24.3
  4. Requesting reviews, days after delivery24.4
  5. Winback campaign


To learn more about shipment statuses, refer to the article Shipment Statuses and Substatuses Explained.

Send immediately or with delay

Emails can be sent immediately or can be put on custom delays as per your requirements. This custom delay option is set to help you with:

  • Sending a product review to your customers, X days after delivery status. X can be specified as the number of days after which your customers will receive this email.
  • Sending a carrier performance review to your customer, 1 day after the delivery status.
  • Sending a coupon code, 1 day after delivery.

Upsells via email

Rush emails allow you to convert shipping emails into a monetized channel. While sending updates to a customer regarding their order, you can display your best sellers or related products and this way increases your chances of making a sale and generating traffic for your website.

The images below show some of the related products put into the emails while informing the customer about their order being Out for delivery:24.6

Notification for an order being delivered:


Email editor

Rush provides a rich email editor and several shortcodes to customize your emails.

Refer to the article Smart Email Notification Shortcodes to learn more about these shortcodes and what they mean.


There are also templates made by Rush to choose from:

  • Click on Reset to another template to see what the template looks like.
  • Once you find the one to your liking, click on Pick.


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