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Add tracking link to Shopify email templates


You can add a link to the tracking page in your following Shopify native emails:

  • Order confirmation

  • Shipping confirmation

  • Shipping update

  • Shipment out for delivery

  • Shipment delivered

  1. Go to your Shopify admin and click on Settings


2. Click on Notifications


3. Select an email template from the list which you'd like to add a tracking link to


4. Search (ctrl F or ⌘ F) for the phrase View your order:



So let's change:


<td class="button__cell"><a href="" class="button__text">View your order</a></td>




<td class="button__cell"><a href="/a/track?search=" class="button__text">Track your order</a></td>


5. Save your changes.


Here is what it looks in the Order confirmation email after you complete the steps above: