Add Store Information on Tracking Page


This article focuses on the importance of adding your store’s information on the custom tracking page, along with the details of any ongoing promotions in your store. The purpose of adding this information on the tracking page is to build trust and credibility as it provides additional options to the customers to contact your store and/or lets them know of a special event, marketing campaigns, and promotions or updates related to shipping transit times. It will also help you land more traffic during the sale season.

Supported theme


Available fields

We highly recommend filling out your store information. It will immensely help the customers to know more about the brand they like to buy from and the contact information to get in touch with your store. To do so, the following information needs to be provided:




Store name

Specify your store’s name


Store logo

Upload your store’s logo


Store information

Provide the text about the upcoming event that you’d like the customer to see

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Phone icon

Specify the phone number of your brand for the customer to get in touch with your store. 

Clicking on the phone icon will dial a call on the number provided here.


Second link icon

Specify the link to your contact page the customer can use to get in touch with your store.

Clicking on the link icon will take the customer to that web page.

Go to Store link

Specify the link to your store.

This may include a link to the new collection, best selling products or simply your homepage.


This is how the store information look like on the custom tracking page:


Any of the fields that are left blank won't show up on the custom tracking page.

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