About Shipment Settings


This article provides insights into the Shipment Settings feature of the Rush app, designed to empower store owners with options to manage their shipment settings effectively. It ensures store owners have the tools to manage their parcel settings and determine the information they wish to display. This feature is split into three sections, each catering to different aspects of shipping operations.


The section plays a crucial role in managing your store operations by:

  • Allowing you to map tracking numbers to specific carriers automatically
  • Enabling to display the current shipment location while the carrier is still in transit.
  • Facilitating how tracking number information will be visualized in Shopify.

Shipments settings and subsections

After logging into the Rush app, the Shipments option is available in the navigation sidebar. Clicking on it will lead you to the Shipments Settings, which is divided into three subsections:

  • Carrier assigning rules
  • Shipment checkpoint location details
  • Shopify fulfillment preferences

Let's dive deeper into each subsection.

Carrier assigning rules

This subsection provides the ability to assign carriers based on the order’s tracking number patterns and /or destinations. To learn more about manual carrier rules, refer to the article Assign Carriers Based on Rules.

Shipment checkpoint location details

This subsection allows you to manage how the carrier-provided address data relating to the current checkpoint location is displayed. Please note the location names in carrier messaging will remain unaffected. For a more detailed understanding, consider visiting our Shipment checkpoint location details article.

Shopify fulfillment preferences

By default, this subsection is not selected. However, upon selection, it presents multiple options. Selecting an option allows Rush to adjust Shopify's fulfillment tracking details as specified. Consider reading our guide on Fulfillment Tracking Information Settings for a more comprehensive understanding.



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