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This article is about an important Rush integration with the platform called Omnisend. It explains the significance of this platform for store owners and how they can best benefit from this integration.

What is Omnisend?

Omnisend is an e-commerce marketing automation platform that helps integrate different channels of communication into the same automation workflow. It prides itself on its personalized email campaigns by stating, “Using Omnisend's sleek automation, you can personalize your message to customer data, campaign engagement, and shopping behavior.”


Omnisend benefits e-commerce businesses by:

  • Creating effective campaigns for your brand.
  • Increasing your click rates by communicating the right information to the right people at the right time.
  • Increase your sales by sending more focused and targeted messages.
  • Provides analytics and reports based on customer behaviors so you can take appropriate actions.
  • Helps your brand grow and generate revenue with campaigns, automated emails, SMS, and push notifications.
  • Accelerate brand growth with its automation features and marketing tools.

Rush and Omnisend

Rush provides the option to integrate with Omnisend because it helps with the following:

  • Send order and shipping notifications to customers in real-time, triggered by Rush
  • Create automation email and SMS flows and increase ROI by relaying timely information to the customers, hence building retention.
  • Create branded shipping emails directly in Omnisend.
  • Adding review buttons for your customers to leave a review for products they ordered.
  • Adding tracking links in the emails for customers to land on your store’s tracking page.

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