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This article explains how Klaviyo works with the Rush app and provides convenience for the store owners, as a starting point.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an email and SMS marketing platform that alerts customers about important information in real-time. As one of their mission statements goes, “Use your data for all it’s worth”. It means that Klaviyo helps you build customized flows based on your data and lets your customers know the details that you want to share with them.


Klaviyo is a platform that helps you build your brand by offering features like:

  • Automated emails and SMS flows.
  • Customized branded emails.
  • Easy drag and drop email designs.
  • Easy integration with other apps.
  • ROI-based reporting and analytics.
  • Provides segmentation for each stage of a customer’s journey.

Rush and Klaviyo

Rush integrates with Klaviyo by sending missing critical orders and shipping events. Few benefits of doing so:

  • Timely updates to customers related to those events.
  • Provides the ability to view order and shipping events in customer profiles.
  • Create branded shipping emails directly in Klaviyo.
  • Adding review buttons for your customers to leave a review for products they ordered.
  • Adding tracking links in the emails for customers to land on your store’s tracking page.
  • Choose to send shipment/order events based on triggers like sending an SMS/emails notification when your shipment gets the status “Out for Delivery.” You can customize these flows within your Klaviyo Dashboard.

Other resources

Following are the resources to check out the detailed view of Klaviyo and Rush integration and what it allows you to do:

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